Kanad is a reputed Ayurvedic Clinic in Nagpur with a legacy of providing the best Ayurvedic treatment for all ailments and health disorders. Instilled by natural Panchakarma therapies  and remedies, squeezed by affordable health treatment packages, and empowered by our team of skilled Ayurvedic specialists and therapists, we deliver a commitment of effective and successful cure for the complete list of health disorders.


Suvarnaprashan Sanskar

Suvarnaprashan means administering Swarna / Gold Bhasma to children by mixing it with honey, ghee, Ayurvedic berbs It is one of the 16 rites to be performed for a human being. It is an important milestone in an individual’s journey of life.

Kanad Weight Loss Clinic

Get treated with assured, authentic, traditional and highly effective Ayurvedic weight Loss treatments Take an appointment now.

Kanad Traditional Ayurveda

Get treated with assured and highly effective ancient & traditional treatments of Ayurveda.

Kanad Hair Clinic

Our ayurvedic medicines are the best for healing Hair fall. Ayurved treatment with no side effects.

Kanad Vaat,Pitta,Kafh Vyadhi Clinic

We have traditional knowledge of treating Different types of Vaat,Pitta,Kafh Vyadhi so that you can solve your problems.

Kanad Strirog Clinic

We providing natural Ayurvedic treatment for Gynecological Disorders through our experienced strirog Ayurvedic doctors.

Kanad Skin Care Clinic

You can now get world class and reliable Natural Ayurvedic treatments for skin at very affordable rates.

Panchakarma & Lifestyle Treatment

We are leading Ayurvedic treatment centre providing best services to you for Body Detox,Wellness & Lifestyle Modification.

Kanad Diabetes Clinic

We are well Known For Diabetes Reversal Program we providing effective Ayurved medications and treatments for Diabetes.

Kanad Paralysis Treatment

Our excellent ayurvedic treatment slowly and steadily shows results and cures paralysis completely.

Kanad Blood Pressure Treatment

We detect, treat and cure blood pressure by providing due medication and proper diet suggestions.

Kanad Joint,Back & Neck Pain Clinic

Ayurvedic Medicine, Lifestyle Correction, Diet Modification,Exercise and stay fit and be free from neck,joint & back Pain.